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Major F&B in KSA Goes Live- LS Central

Major F&B Customer Successfully Goes Live on Revolutionary LS Central Unified Retail Application

Major F& B company of KSA that has been operating and leading distinctive brands in the F&B industry like Sizzler House, Canton, Tako Hut, Roma Way, Shawirmarito, and Pasta Fiesta has adopted LS central Unified Business application to run its retail and back office operations.


Business Case

Before transitioning to LS Central, the Customer utilized an earlier version of the LS Retail software solution. As the company grew and expanded, it encountered various challenges related to data replication and costing. Notably, sales postings became slower, and the management did not attain the desired outcomes. The Group IT Director highlighted that there were limitations concerning control over security levels and workflows. Consequently, the company recognized the necessity to upgrade to a more advanced and up-to-date version of the software.


After evaluating portfolios from various partners in KSA, UAE, and India, Customer found that Novasoft stood out due to its profound comprehension of the intricacies of the modern hospitality industry. This assured customers that they had discovered the ideal partner to facilitate their company’s ongoing expansion. The Group IT Director, expressed their satisfaction with Novasoft’s guidance, emphasizing that they exhibited a level of understanding unmatched by other potential partners.

The Solution

The customer made the transition to LS Central for restaurants, built on the foundation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Despite facing intricate customizations, Novasoft efficiently completed the migration to LS Central in all of customers’ locations within a few months.

  1. Mobile Ordering: The mobile POS functionality enables quick and efficient table service for customer guests. Waiters can send orders directly to the kitchen and monitor the status of each order in real time.
  2. Planning and Replenishment: The customer has established reorder levels for each branch, streamlining stock management. At the end of the day, stores can identify products running low on stock, and the system suggests what they need for the next three days. This significantly reduces manual effort, as only a few iterations are required to generate requisition worksheets.
  3. Table Management: Easy tracking of the number of guests and orders for each table allows HB Brands to efficiently manage their casual dining restaurants. Additionally, the system facilitates bill-splitting for improved customer service.
  4. Offers and Promotions: The customer creates and distributes coupons for various institutions like banks and government agencies. The system enables immediate online redemption through API calls. Moreover, the company leverages the platform to run multi-buy offers for customers.
  5. Kitchen Display System (KDS): Implementing the KDS has provided the staff with excellent visibility into kitchen processes. Each section can monitor when a process is completed, allowing the company to prioritize orders and ensure timely food service. As a result, service time and overall operational efficiencies have significantly improved


Upon adopting the new LS Central solution, the customer immediately reaped a multitude of benefits, including:
  1. Fast and Effective Customer Service: Information now flows smoothly and efficiently within restaurants, resulting in faster and more effective customer service.
  2. Efficient Inventory and Recipe Management: Customer now effectively manages inventory and recipes across all their locations.
  3. Improved Processes and Increased Efficiency: The company experiences quicker sales postings and timely data replication. Closing the Profit and Loss statement has become much faster. Sales replication now occurs consistently every three hours without requiring any human intervention.
  4. Powerful Reporting and Analyzing Tools: With all data accessible in Power BI, both operational staff and top management have enhanced visibility, allowing them to analyze and make data-driven decisions confidently.
  5. Enhanced Decision Making: The availability of daily insights enables the identification of problems faced by branches, resulting in a significant reduction of canceled or failed orders, which previously represented around 3% of their business.
The plans for Customer and Novasoft involve launching a mobile app and integrating LS Central with various delivery service providers (DSPs) or aggregators. With 30 to 40% of orders in KSA coming through DSPs like Hunger Station, Jahez, or ToYou, running their app and seamless integration with these platforms have become equally important for food businesses. Additionally, the customer is excited about implementing the customer-facing display, which will inform customers when their orders are ready for pickup. With the right platform in place, Customer is enthusiastic about trying new things, incorporating more integrations, and exploring the possibilities of implementing new displays or a mobile app.

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