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Are you worried about?

  • We require a unified, robust ERP system to effectively manage our growing operations and facilitate M&A activities.
  • Our reliance on manual, Excel-based processes leads to frequent data and analytic errors, adversely impacting business performance.
  • The presence of multiple, disparate systems complicates integration, validation, and management tasks, hindering operational efficiency.
  • Our current systems consume excessive time and resources due to inefficiencies, impeding productivity and profitability.
  • Outdated or inaccurate cost estimates undermine our financial health, necessitating a more reliable solution.
  • As users of Microsoft NAV or GP, we seek an upgrade from paying BREP, aligning with modern standards and functionalities.
  • We aspire for an AI-driven business application with continuous innovation and updates, propelling us into the forefront of technological advancement.
  • The existing system’s obsolescence and lack of provider support necessitate an immediate transition to a modern ERP solution.
  • Our ideal business application should encompass all company operations, from finance to production, ensuring comprehensive coverage and seamless integration.

Discover Why You Should Migrate to Business Central: The IDC Marketspace Leader and Forbes’ Best Cloud Business Application for 2024

Business Central

Microsoft has been recognized as a Leader in three IDC MarketScape reports—IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Enterprise Finance and Accounting Applications 2023-2024.

Best Cloud ERP

Forbes review recommends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as the “Best Overall” choice for 2023. Cloud ERP is a convenient online platform that eliminates the need for in-house server installations, benefiting businesses of all sizes.

Business Central Implementation Partner

Rapidly deploy and onboard

Streamline onboarding with rapid implementation, role-specific dashboards, extensive training resources, and interactive guidance.

Business Central AI

Super Charging AI

Enhance operational efficiency and optimize processes with AI-driven solutions for bank recon, inventory forecasting, and cash flow management

Business Central Co-Pilot

Work smarter with Copilot

Elevate productivity with Copilot in Business Central, leveraging natural language AI for accelerated task completion and enhanced creativity

Business Central Integration

Seamless Collaboration

Foster collaboration seamlessly through integration with Office 365/Microsoft 365 suite, featuring Word, Excel, Outlook, and Teams integration​

Business Central Mobile

Business on the go

No matter where you are or which device you're using, Business Central ensures constant connectivity

Business Central Free

Reduced costs and increased efficiency

Business Central streamlines operations, automates processes for enhanced efficiency, and cuts costs

Business Central Cloud

Secure and Safe

Guaranteed security through robust encryption, multi-factor authentication; safety ensured by industry standards adherence, threat monitoring

Free Business Central Consulting

Insights across the Organization

Power BI integrates seamlessly with Business Central, facilitating robust reporting, analytics, comprehensive insights for better decision-making

Free Business Central

Try Free

Get a free assisted customized trial of Business Central using your own data (limited availability).

Free Business Central Consultation KSA

Free Upgrade Consultation

Receive a complimentary assisted consultation for migrating your application to the cloud.

Business Central Experts Saudi Arabia

Connect with an Expert

Our expert can guide you through your business challenges and provide tailored solutions.

Does your cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) allow you to adapt to market changes? Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central connects your finance, sales, service, project, warehousing, and manufacturing teams to help you adapt faster, work smarter, and perform better.

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